Cordatus enables developers to make their dummy cameras smarter by utilizing NVIDIA dGPUS, NVIDIA Jetsons or even CPUs. You can get all the raw stream from your IP, CSI, GMSL or USB cameras and feed them to pre-trained and optimized image classification or object detection DNNs using both Cordatus Web Interface and Cordatus Client App.

Quick Demo

For a quick object detection demo, please refer to First Demo: Cordatus Inference Engine.

You can also stream raw footage of your camera resources in two simple steps via one interface. Again, there are two methods to achieve this.

1. Raw Stream from Cordatus Web Interface

Raw Stream

  • Under the Cameras, you can see the full list of your available camera resources. It is divided into two sections as Remote Cameras and Local Cameras.
    • Remote Cameras: The cameras listed in this section are available from anywhere. This means that you can transmit and utilize these camera streams on your data center in Germany, on your laptop in your house, on the workstation in your office or even on a drone in an active mission in the air.
    • Local Cameras: These cameras are physically connected to the computer or NVIDIA Jetson device where you currently use Cordatus.

To test and get the raw streams of these cameras, simply click (Raw Stream) button.

2. Raw Stream from Cordatus Web Interface

  • Open the Cordatus Client App and click Cameras under the SYSTEM on the left pane of the application.

Raw Stream

  • Click Open Camera button and you will be given with the raw stream from the camera you chose.