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Web Application Changelog

Welcome to the Cordatus Web Application Changelog! This page serves as a comprehensive record of all updates, enhancements, and bug fixes implemented in each version of our web application. At Cordatus, we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible user experience, and we continuously strive to improve our platform based on user feedback and emerging technologies. Dive into the changelog below to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and improvements to our web application.

Web Application Version 1.37.9 (Released on 3 May 2024)

  • Fixed a bug on the sidebar that caused incorrect display of the number of online devices.
  • Resolved a bug that allowed selecting the same password during password change.
  • Corrected typos on the screen showing metric values on the job page.
  • Implemented a warning to prevent starting a job with an inaccessible physical camera.
  • Added the feature to show users the tokens of their devices.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the display of fps, bitrate, bandwidth, and resolution values on the right side of the camera image while viewing camera images.

Web Application Version 1.37.8 (Released on 4 Apr 2024)

  • Updated the interface of the camera page.
  • Resolved the issue where jobs without added rules would display data from previously displayed rules in the graphical representation of analysis results.
  • Fixed the issue where the small screen size is distorted when zooming in and out of IP cameras on the multi-camera display.
  • Fixed the problem where the counter associated with a rule in the stream page is not deleted when the rule is deleted.
  • Resolved the issue where device metrics are not displayed when clicking the metrics button on the job page.
  • Fixed the problem where deleted cameras continue to appear on the map page.
  • Resolved the issue where the physical camera image does not open on the map page.
  • Fixed the issue where not all pipeline models are displayed in the model selection dropdown menu on the add chart screen.
  • Added Client Stream & Inference Engine Operation Control.
  • Fixed the issue where login to Cordatus can not be done with tokens created when bulk devices are added.
  • Resolved the problem where tags can not be deleted when there is an error while adding tags in the Private Repository section.

Web Application Version 1.37.7 (Released on 15 Mar 2024)

  • Fixed an issue with editing physical camera names.
  • Resolved an issue where cameras from the previous group appeared in the new group with the same name when a camera group was deleted and a new group with the same name was added.
  • Corrected an error related to device name changes.
  • Added the ability to disable metrics from the web interface.
  • Implemented customized stream detail pages for Nanoowl and LLaVA.
  • Added the feature to close peer connections when the stream engine is closed.
  • Fixed a bug related to saving the selected resolution as the default value when changing camera resolution.
  • Resolved an issue where multiple cameras of the same brand and model connected during camera addition were not recognized as separate cameras and could not be added to the system.

Web Application Version 1.37.6 (Released on 20 Feb 2024)

  • License Changing feature for devices added.
  • Notifications on the cameras page have been redesigned.
  • USB/CSI camera resolution changing feature added.
  • Bugs preventing IP camera streaming on the map page fixed.
  • Bugs in the grouping feature fixed.