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My client device has lost the internet connection. Are the job and inference still running?

Inference engine and inference analytics continue working as long as your cameras are accessible by the client device. Cordatus Web App will be updated when the connection is established.

My client device has lost power. Will the running jobs start automatically after the boot?

If the job status is Running before the shutdown, the job will start again automatically after the boot. Jobs that have a status other than Running will remain the same.

Can I access the inference data after deleting a job?

No, the job and all related inference analytics data are no longer accessible from the client device after the deletion. Deleting can not be undone after completion.

Do I have to have an internet connection to run Cordatus?

Cordatus requires an internet connection for several functionalities. It needs an internet connection to connect to a remote device, manage it, and retrieve a stream. If the stream source for an inference job is an RTSP or HTTP camera, Cordatus Client also requires an internet connection. Additionally, if you set an alarm for a specific occasion, Cordatus needs an internet connection to reach you. If you're using a physical or intranet camera, don't need alarms, and don't require remote access to the device, you can use Cordatus without an internet connection. Otherwise, a stable internet connection is necessary.